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Loitta Fish Fry – A Mouth Watering Recipe

Loitta Fish Fry Recipe

Loitta fish fry is one of my favorite recipe because I like this fish very much. This fish is very tasty and soft in texture and it is cooked in various ways. The English name of this fish is Bombay Duck and is a sea-fish found in the Bay of Bengal. In Bangladesh people of all over the country like this fish very much. The dried form of this fish more tasty.  Generally the fresh loitta fish is cooked in

Fish Shami Kabab Recipe of Tuna Fish – Fish Cake

Fish Shami Kabab recipe

Delicious Fish Shami Kabab Recipe of Tuna Fish – Fish Cake There are many types of kabab or kebab or barbecue. Such as shik kabab, boti kabab, shami kabab etc. Today I’ll show the process of preparing shami kabab. Shami kabab can be made with mutton, chicken, beef and fish. In this post I’ll present the  fish shami kabab. Who does not love shami kabab. This menu added an extra deliciousness for any types of guest entertaining festival or ceremony.

Chicken Mandi Biriyani Recipe – Mint Flavor

chicken mandi

Chicken Mandi Mandi is a consecutive Yemeni dish made from rice, spices and meat. The meats used are usually chicken, lamb, goat  or beef. The spices rice and meat may be  excited with nuts, fried onion, raisins and serve hot. Meat for eastern can be cooked in different ways. Mandi is deliberated the main dish served during special events, such as weddings, eid and feasts. Today we’ll show you how to cook Chicken Mandi. Its a kind of biriyani. Ingredients

Hilsa Panta – Bengali Happy New Year Feast

Hilsa Panta or panta ilish

Bengali observe noboborsho as a first day of Bengali New Year on 14th April in Bangladesh and on 15th April in the West Bengal.  This day is additionally called as Pohela Boishakh. The word Pohela remains for first day and Boishak is the primary month of Bengali logbook. The most exciting Pohela Boishakh (Bengali new year’s day) celebration now happens in Dhaka with eating hilsa panta. Substantial quantities of individuals accumulate at a very first hour in the morning. They

Hilsa Fish Egg Curry with Fried Onion and Hilsa Malai Curry

Hilsa Fish Egg Curry

Beside the fish recipes fish egg recipes are also become popular and delicious among the food lovers. The egg fry of any fishes like katla, rui, coral are very tasty and probably the most delicious and mouth watering menu of fish egg is the hilsa fish egg fried with onion.  Hilsa fish Egg Curry with Onion Fried is a semi dry curry, cooked with onion, turmeric powder, dry red chili, mustard powder etc. It’s a spicy and delicious hilsa egg

Hilsa Paturi – Mouth Watering Dish of Hilsa Fish

Hilsa Paturi

We have tasted so many recipes of hilsa fish earlier. Today I’ll write an exclusive menu of hilsa fish named Hilsa Paturi. Hilsa Paturi is a traditional Bengali recipe for special occasions. This menu is cooked within a banana leaf with vapor. The taste of the mustard paste and the smoky flavor from pan, frying banana leaves and the fish makes the recipe unique. Hilsha can be prepared in different ways but the most popular way of cooking is steamed

Mustard Hilsa Fish curry Recipe

Mustard Hilsa

Mustard hilsa is a very  sterling and traditional dish of Bangladesh. We are very much fond of hilsa fish dishes and among them mustard hilsa is one of the mouthwatering dish for ours. It is hard to find anyone whose mouth is not filled of water by hearing the name of Mustard Hilsa fish dishes. Most of the people says this the best recipe of hilsa fish. But the cooking process is very easy. Nutrition facts (per portion) : Calories:

Hilsa Hotchpotch – Cook Ilish Khichuri Easily

Hilsa Hotchpotch or Ilish Khichuri

How to Cook Hotchpotch with Hilsa Fish – Ilish Khichuri Light rain outside and smoky hot hotchpotch with hilsa fish in front of you – this scene increase your appetite much. In this beautiful autumn rain the taste of hotchpotch is amazing. And if the hotchpotch cokked with hilsa fish , it’ill added an extra wonder. Today I’ll show you how to cook hilsa hotchpotch and prepare this menu as early as possible. Ingredients of Hilsa Hotchpotch / Ilish Khichuri

Delicious Hilsa Polao Recipe – Ilish Polao

Cooking Hilsa Polao

Cook Hilsa Polao at your home. Make this menu as a tasty meal on any occasion, holiday or for guest entertainment. There is none who doesn’t like hilsa fish and among all the recipes of hilsa fish Hilsa Polao is one of the best menu. In this post we’ll show you how to cook Hilsa Polao. There is no specific season to cook this dish. You can make it any time. Those who know how to prepare this dish, it is

Recipe of Cooking Hilsa Fish with Curd

curd hilsa recipe

Our today’s recipe is cooking hilsa fish with curd Hilsa fish (Ilish) fish is a very tasty and popular fish. It is found in the Bangladesh, India and some other countries. Locally is is called the king of fish. This fish is considered as the most delicious foods among the South Asian countries for its soft oily texture and appetizing flavor. There are so many recipes of hilsa fish. Today we’ll share how to cook hilsa fish with curd or